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Stories of how education can build a better world.


The Pearson Affordable Learning Fund: delivering access and progress

In Kenya, many children who attend Bridge International Academies are getting results in the top 5% nationally. In...
John Fallon
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By John Fallon | This week

How to kickstart an education transformation

Transforming anything needs bold people to kickstart it....
Sir Michael Barber
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By Sir Michael Barber | 27 Jan

Tackling illiteracy is a matter of economics

I’ve just returned from the World Economic Forum meeting...
Emilie Colker
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By Emilie Colker | 27 Jan

In it and winning it

Through our MGI and CTI higher education institutions in South Africa, we're graduating...
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By Lesley Stones | 27 Jan

Pulling together to achieve SDG4

In some respects the UN's education Millennium Development Goal was success. The aim was...
Laura Brown
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By Laura Brown | 26 Jan

The ‘We’re Here, Doing That’ generation

When businesses say they can't find the right graduates for...
Dominic Collard
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By Dominic Collard | 26 Jan

Why the world’s learning company has to love data

This article is a response to a piece we published on this...
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By Dr. Kristen DiCerbo and Dr. John Behrens and Dominic Collard | 19 Jan

Educational data, Pearson and the ‘theory gap’

Earlier this month we came across an article in the...
Dr Ben Williamson
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By Dr Ben Williamson | 19 Jan