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Dominic Collard

Glancing at global education

By Dominic Collard | 24th Nov 2015
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Kimberly OMalley

Why Pearson agrees with Obama on school testing

By Kimberly OMalley | 20th Nov 2015
As students across the United States enjoy fall, football and anticipate the holiday season, a school year tradition is being challenged by President Barack Obama. In a video posted to Facebook, President Barack Obama made a …
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John Fallon

Skilling India, skilling the world

By John Fallon | 20th Nov 2015
Prime Minister Modi’s visit to my home city of London last week is a reminder that in the race to build a world of better education, few places compare with India for the scale of the challenge …
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Arvind Nagarajan

A ‘Path’ to better prospects

By Arvind Nagarajan | 19th Nov 2015
I'll never forget how caring Zaheer’s mom was...she smiled warmly, helped me take a seat on the floor in her home - in truth nothing more than a tiny shack - and offered me food. …
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Dominic Collard

From Kabul to Kansas – Parwana’s story

By Dominic Collard | 18th Nov 2015
Escaping war torn Kabul, Parwana arrived in the US in 2010. Driven on by the dream of her mother, who never learned to read or write, Parwana is now a student at Kansas Medical School. We …
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Dominic Collard

First day of the rest of their lives

By Dominic Collard | 12th Nov 2015
Pearson College London opened its doors in 2012, as an alternative path to a professional career. It recognises that a purely academic route through university fails some people, and so also fails businesses: 39% of …
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Anna Bowen

What makes someone employable?

By Anna Bowen | 11th Nov 2015
The world of employment is changing fast. With more and more recruiters looking for candidates with relevant workplace experience, young people are choosing to study courses that put them right at the heart of the …
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Dominic Collard

From Tanzania to triumph: Meet George, BTEC Student of the Year

By Dominic Collard | 10th Nov 2015
Leaving his native Tanzania to attend business school in Kenya, George Benson is a young man who hasn't been scared to make bold moves. 'Humble', 'innovative', and 'leader' are just some of the words that …
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Heri Chiragi

Paying for my future

By Heri Chiragi | 5th Nov 2015
As a teenager in the UK, I am part of the generation that has witnessed a tripling in their higher education tuition fees; and the rise of Asian powerhouses such as China and Singapore in …
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Tom Hall

Not so normal days

By Tom Hall | 30th Oct 2015
A normal day for me at Pearson will be much like every other person who works - I'll be focussed on meeting deadlines, managing my team, and talking about future projects, with some time carved …
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Katie McClarty

How do you spot a gifted child?

By Katie McClarty | 26th Oct 2015
Education is rightly seen as a catalyst for progress, not only for individuals but also for whole countries. The research confirms what we intuitively know - when you improve education, economic and societal benefits follow. …
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Dominic Collard

What type of teacher are you?

By Dominic Collard | 23rd Oct 2015
What makes a person want to be a teacher? What makes them want to leave? Would they recommend the profession to someone else? What would they do to improve things? When we asked 1,000 teachers these …
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