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Stories of how education can build a better world.

John Fallon

Sustainable Development Goals & the World’s Largest Lesson

By John Fallon | 2nd Sep 2015
Later this month, when world leaders meet at the United Nations in New York, they will announce their commitment to the new Global Goals for sustainable development, setting out their ambition for a more peaceful …
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Lori Snowden

The power of potential

By Lori Snowden | 1st Sep 2015
When I was teaching 7th grade language arts for Frederick County Public Schools in the mid-1990's, I helped a student to reach her highest potential. I will refer to this student as Tyneka for confidentiality purposes. …
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Dominic Collard

Announcement on disruption in several technology systems

By Dominic Collard | 27th Aug 2015
Due to an air conditioning problem at the shared data center used by Pearson, we are experiencing a disruption in several of our technology systems. We are working with the owner of the data center to address …
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KerryLynn Daly

A different type of Olympics

By KerryLynn Daly | 25th Aug 2015
If you work in an office, how often do you use Microsoft Office or Adobe? Once a week? Once a day? Once an hour? For some people, the software has become second nature.  Many high …
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Mark Anderson

GCSE and A level by the numbers

By Mark Anderson | 20th Aug 2015
The last two weeks have been pretty exciting (not to mention nerve-wracking!) for students, parents and teachers in the UK and some international markets, with the release of the 2015 GCSE, A level and BTEC …
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Gillian Seely

Why bother with ed-tech, anyway?

By Gillian Seely | 19th Aug 2015
John Fallon visited Texas Southmost College, a Pearson partner, and joined teachers, students and parents on a panel discussion about the state of education in the Rio Grande Valley and beyond. Panelists were asked about the …
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Rod Bristow

It’s time to get smarter about exams

By Rod Bristow | 17th Aug 2015
  When the Chinese invented exams over a thousand years ago, and the British copied them in the nineteenth century to select people for the Civil Service, they were a wonderful innovation. A way to ensure …
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Hannah Howard

Discovery Beyond Words

By Hannah Howard | 12th Aug 2015
International Youth Day is both a celebration ‘of youth as partners in today’s global society’ and an opportunity for ‘bringing youth issues to the attention of the international community.’[1] There are no issues more significant …
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John Tweeddale

John’s story

By John Tweeddale | 10th Aug 2015
I’ve always known that my mom is an incredible woman. As a single parent, she worked hard to support my two younger siblings and me. Our life was far from easy but I know that …
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Rosie Howell

“I wanted it, so I just got on with it.”

By Rosie Howell | 7th Aug 2015
"I wanted it, so I just got on with it." - the words of Stephanie Trembath, recently crowned BTEC Student of the Year in the UK, as she explained how her BTEC is helping her towards the …
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Dominic Collard

Space to learn

By Dominic Collard | 6th Aug 2015
Children sit in rows of parallel desks, all facing the front of the classroom, where a teacher stands talking at them. As the teacher turns to pick up a chalk stick, their heads fall down …
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Jennifer Rosenthal

Growing together: Why our new parent community matters

By Jennifer Rosenthal | 30th Jul 2015
When we think about big organizations or brands like Coca-Cola, Disney, Chase or Nike, we typically recall a particular product, affiliated celebrity, news story, or experience we’ve had with that company. What we don’t think …
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