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Amanda Gardiner

Partnerships that build a better world

By Amanda Gardiner | 17th Oct 2014
Amanda Gardiner is our director of partnerships, working her way around the globe to join forces with organisations that share our vision that education can build a better world. She took some time out of …
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Lionel Barber

Changing attitudes from the top

By Lionel Barber | 16th Oct 2014
"... attitudes are changing. They've not changed, but they're changing." The words of Lionel Barber, editor of The Financial Times, on the launch of the FT Executive Diversity report, which includes a list of the top …
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Sir Michael Barber

The 10 things that make a great 21st century teacher

By Sir Michael Barber | 10th Oct 2014
Speaking to the Jamaica Teaching Council, Michael Barber runs through his 10 characteristics for what makes an excellent teacher in the 21st century. According to Michael, it begins with having high expectations for your students, continues …
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A milestone worth marking, but miles still to go

By Abu Bundu-Kamara | 9th Oct 2014
Birthdays are traditionally a time for celebration, but some become milestones and moments for reflection; a time to appreciate just how far we have come, whilst casting an eye towards the future. Yesterday evening at our …
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John Fallon

One story worth sharing: Community College Preparatory Academy

By John Fallon | 8th Oct 2014
Washington DC’s reputation as a city of stark contrasts is well known - and it applies as much to education as any other slice of life. Half of the city’s adult residents hold a bachelor’s …
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Katelyn Donnelly

The seeds of big solutions

By Katelyn Donnelly | 7th Oct 2014
Conversations about how education has the power to change the world can sometimes get overly abstract; too much of the policy and grand visions, not enough of the practice and implementation. We try to remind …
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Dominic Collard

What makes a great teacher?

By Dominic Collard | 3rd Oct 2014
What makes a teacher great, and how can we help young teachers reach that standard? We gathered a community of teachers and researchers in London to discuss what the latest data is telling us. Read the …
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Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 15.40.29

Finding your voice through literacy

By Jodie Lopez | 2nd Oct 2014
Before Jodie Lopez joined Pearson, she was a teacher. Inspired by the experience of one little girl in her class, she set-up Getting Into Literacy, a project which uses digital tools to enhance literacy skills. Perhaps …
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We asked over 5,000 teachers in India…

By Deepak Mehrotra | 30th Sep 2014
Every year our team in India goes out to schools and colleges to speak to teachers; how are they feeling, what are they happy about, what needs improving? The latest results - the thoughts of over …
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Dominic Collard

Do you remember your school days? Lucky thing.

By Dominic Collard | 29th Sep 2014
What do you remember about your childhood? Odds are, your school days will be in there somewhere. Your first day, your last day, the friends you made… your best friend today. Perhaps you hated school, …
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Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.01.03

The inspiration of youth

By Rachel Brujis | 29th Sep 2014
Once lone rangers, education technology startups are now increasingly ever-present.  And with that, new initiatives have emerged to invest in their success – including 1776 Challenge Cup, our own Catalyst accelerator programme and Europe’s Edtech Innovator Award. Yet even …
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Kate James

Join the CHARGE – empowering girls everywhere

By Kate James | 25th Sep 2014
250 million adolescent girls around the world are living in poverty - a moral scandal and an economic opportunity that passes the world by every day. The unschooled become the illiterate and unemployed of tomorrow. A …
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