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Sir Michael Barber

Getting every child into school … why wait?

By Sir Michael Barber | 11th Jul 2014
I recently had the pleasure to visit Warwick University, in the English Midlands, to contribute to their distinguished lecture series. I have visited Warwick University regularly over the years, to give public policy lectures to …
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Sir Michael Barber

Consistent quality plus innovation: Not one or the other, both

By Sir Michael Barber | 10th Jul 2014
Sir Michael Barber's presentation slides to the Educational ReformSummit, London 2014. 20140710 National Education Reform Summit (2)
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Hey edtech, meet scientific inquiry; you should get acquainted

By Dominic Collard | 9th Jul 2014
“The way we laugh at early medicine, people 100 years from now will laugh at early 21st century learning when we didn’t have a common efficacy framework in place... The lack of an efficacy framework will hold …
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The art of empathy

By Dominic Collard | 7th Jul 2014
Roman Krznaric is a cultural thinker and writer, and was named by the Observer newspaper as one of the leading 'lifestyle philosophers' working in the UK. His expert subject matter - empathy - has led …
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Rod Bristow

A not-so-secret society

By Rod Bristow | 4th Jul 2014
Wilton Park in England is not quite as recognisable to the world as 10 Downing Street or the Houses of Parliament - but as a seat of global influence it has its own proud legacy. …
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John Fallon

Passport to progress

By John Fallon | 3rd Jul 2014
When I visited some of the students at our English language schools in Brazil earlier this year, two things struck me. Firstly, that they see proficiency in English as absolutely key to their career development. …
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John Fallon

Poverty is not destiny

By John Fallon | 2nd Jul 2014
Speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival, John Fallon describes how the link between educational attainment and economic prosperity has never been more pronounced. And so, if we can replicate at scale what's already working well - …
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Don Kilburn

What is the future of higher education?

By Don Kilburn | 26th Jun 2014
Don Kilburn leads Pearson's activities across North America. Blogging from the Aspen Ideas Festival, he writes about what he sees as the ripe opportunity for improving higher education, and how technology holds the key to …
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Tamara Minick-Scokalo

Global ambitions, individual lives

By Tamara Minick-Scokalo | 26th Jun 2014
Tamara Minick-Scokalo leads our development into growth markets, such as China, India, Brazil, and South Africa. These countries represent roughly half the world's population, so how well they educate their people has global ramifications. We caught …
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SOOCs – the new thing in MOOCs

By Dominic Collard | 24th Jun 2014
Few topics in education have attracted more headlines than MOOCs - Massive Open Online Courses. For some, they are the answer to achieving global access to education, putting learning in the hands of the hard-to-reach …
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John Fallon

The five trillion dollar question

By John Fallon | 18th Jun 2014
The challenge for Pearson is one that I expect resonates with many other organisations around the world. We may each describe it a little differently, and the outcome will be different, but the equation is …
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Catalysing the next generation of edtech stars

By Dominic Collard | 17th Jun 2014
A year on from our inaugural class, we’re announcing the next intake of startups for Catalyst 2014, our scheme to work with and help to develop the new edtech companies that will tackle some of …
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