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60 years closer to literacy: The Countess of Ranfurly’s vision

By Gillian Seely | 20th Nov 2014
Sixty years ago, the Countess of Ranfurly, recognising the power of reading, started a movement that would eventually see over 30 million books sent to libraries in Africa and hundreds of librarians trained. The work …
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Dominic Collard

What did you want to be when you grew up?

By Dominic Collard | 14th Nov 2014
"What do you want to be when you grow-up?" is a question many of us will remember answering as a child. 20th century childhoods were the generations of dreaming spacemen and sure-to-be actresses. Ask that …
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Dominic Collard

Short stories of impact

By Dominic Collard | 13th Nov 2014
Continuing our series of stories of learning from around the world, here's a cautionary tale from India about why increasing access to education is not the same thing as improving outputs. Catch-up with more stories about how education …
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Dianna Blake

Melissa’s story

By Dianna Blake | 13th Nov 2014
There are many attributes to those defined as 'non-traditional students' — lower than average incomes, higher than average age, parents juggling childcare and work commitments, to name a few. All students need to work hard …
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Dominic Collard

Today’s students, building tomorrow’s education

By Dominic Collard | 12th Nov 2014
Every week, a team of eight 2nd-7th graders arrives at our offices in Chandler, Arizona, ready to work side-by-side our product designers and developers. They are KidsTeam, an initiative that's helping students influence how they …
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Kate James

Let’s get #UpForSchool

By Kate James | 10th Nov 2014
During United Nations General Assembly week, at the end of September, we set out our intent to convene and invest in a new global effort to improve literacy. Over the next five years, our goal …
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Starting local, going global

By Kristen Moree | 7th Nov 2014
Each year our Edupreneurs programme shines a spotlight on the amazing work of young education companies in developing countries. Up for grabs is a $150k prize fund for the best; but more importantly the opportunity …
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Rod Bristow

Bethany and the BTEC generation

By Rod Bristow | 6th Nov 2014
Earlier this year, at one of our student awards evenings, I met a brilliant young woman, Bethany. Bethany had obviously then gone on to also excel in her university entrance exams and interviews, as a …
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Dominic Collard

Short stories of impact

By Dominic Collard | 6th Nov 2014
We've been collecting stories from around the world about how education is changing, and how in turn that is changing the world. Here's the first in this new series - a story about how teachers …
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Dominic Collard

Experiencing the future

By Dominic Collard | 3rd Nov 2014
In 2012 we opened the doors to Pearson College, to offer young people a different kind of higher education experience; one that puts academic rigour right alongside the practical business experience that employers are now …
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Sir Michael Barber

A new agenda for business: demonstrating outcomes for the ‘Show-Me’ generation

By Sir Michael Barber | 31st Oct 2014
Education is a massive global challenge. Around the world, 123 million 15-24 year olds lack basic reading and writing skills. Of those same young people – 290 million (almost a quarter of them) are neither …
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Dominic Collard

The hallmarks of a great classroom

By Dominic Collard | 29th Oct 2014
As students, as teachers, as visiting parents, we've all stepped into a classroom and thought "Wow! What if every classroom in the world could work like this." But what's behind that 'wow'; what are the …
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