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Don Kilburn

Predictions for K-12 Education in 2015

By Don Kilburn | 18th Dec 2014
It is tough to think about what is on the horizon for K-12 education in 2015 without thinking about the changes that have occurred in the last few decades and the challenges that have remained …
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Dominic Collard

Assessing students – the old vs the new

By Dominic Collard | 12th Dec 2014
Infographic: Why the way we assess students needs to change, and how that new way might look.  
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Amar Kumar

Are you ready for a renaissance in assessment?

By Amar Kumar | 12th Dec 2014
I was recently having coffee with my friend, Jodie, a teacher in England. She was telling me a story about an English test she had once given her class. The scores from the test showed …
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Rod Bristow

Saving a world to build a world

By Rod Bristow | 10th Dec 2014
If you are passionate about better education, you must also be passionate about wanting to live in a better world. The latter is entirely dependent on, and a direct result of, the former. It’s a passion …
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John De Jong

Strength in numbers

By John De Jong | 10th Dec 2014
Just what is the innate nature of humans is a question that wrestles many a mind. At one end of the spectrum, the self-interested survivor - competitive, egotistical, deadly if necessary. On the other side, …
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John Fallon

Not “non-traditional,” just human

By John Fallon | 8th Dec 2014
“I have a problem when people say something’s real or not real, or normal or abnormal. The meaning of those words for me is very personal and subjective.” (Tim Burton) Our blog recently pointed back to …
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John Fallon

Is technology “the great equaliser”?

By John Fallon | 5th Dec 2014
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Julie McCulloch

Literacy through technology

By Julie McCulloch | 2nd Dec 2014
It might seem obvious to say that a child’s background makes a difference to how literate they are. What is less obvious, until you look at the evidence, is just how stark an impact it …
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Sir Michael Barber

The new role for business in education

By Sir Michael Barber | 26th Nov 2014
Talking at the Shared Value Initiative conference, Michael Barber discusses the role that businesses can, and should, play in education; and why an ambition to achieve both social impact and commercial sustainability are really one …
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Dominic Collard

Short stories of impact

By Dominic Collard | 26th Nov 2014
Continuing our series showing the power of education to make a better world, here's the story of the Escuela Nueva system, which began by giving Colombian children their first ever taste of school, but is …
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David Barnett

Better, bigger, together – the future of global higher education

By David Barnett | 26th Nov 2014
Global challenges are often discussed in small circles; economists theorising on unemployment; NGOs discussing funding programmes; sociologists on the causes of crime. Yet there is one challenge that spans these, and almost everything else; that …
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John Fallon

One story worth sharing: “I am Sherlocked”

By John Fallon | 21st Nov 2014
“I am Sherlocked”, read the white print on one student’s black sweater at the Wall Street English centre in Shanghai. It took me a second to get the reference, but when I did, it reminded …
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