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Sandy Barker

A Precious education

By Sandy Barker | 18th Mar 2015
The power of education to change people’s lives is - in principle, at least - indiscriminate. Purposeful and effective education does not recognise borders and it brazenly ignores class structures. Wherever learning is given the …
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Stacy Skelly

The state of parenting

By Stacy Skelly | 16th Mar 2015
I am proud to be “mom” to two adorable little boys — a three-year-old and a seven-month old. Becoming a mom has really changed me for the better. As anyone who is one will know, being …
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Amanda Gardiner

Together, to get every child learning

By Amanda Gardiner | 11th Mar 2015
The single most important contribution that Pearson can make to society is to equip people with the skills they need to progress in life and work.  But every day, millions of children miss out on …
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Rod Bristow

Celebrating stories

By Rod Bristow | 5th Mar 2015
My children are… well… not children anymore. But one of my abiding memories of when they were little is of reading them stories. They had an insatiable appetite for books, and loved their favourites as …
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Dr Judy Willis

Getting inside students’ heads

By Dr Judy Willis | 4th Mar 2015
Neuroscience research about how we learn is advancing at increasing speed. Neuroimaging is opening windows allowing us to watch the brain process, recognise, remember, and transfer information at the level of synapses and neural circuits. But …
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Jon Twing

Making Assessments Count

By Jon Twing | 3rd Mar 2015
I was recently asked why Pearson was so eager to sign up to support and develop the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, or PARCC, in the US, and other assessment systems …
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Diane Budd

My name’s Diane, and I’m a single parent

By Diane Budd | 26th Feb 2015
I am a single parent. It’s funny how often that fact crops up early in conversations when I meet people. Perhaps it’s because I’m proud of my daughter, perhaps it’s a preemptive strike against the …
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Dominic Collard

Video: Education entrepreneurs

By Dominic Collard | 24th Feb 2015
Key to our social innovation approach is our belief that commercial solutions can accelerate access to quality education. Uncovering, developing and scaling solutions, especially in places where education standards fall well behind the best in …
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Peter Hughes

The stomach for learning?

By Peter Hughes | 24th Feb 2015
Conversations about how to improve education standards tend to focus on the things we can easily see: the quantity and quality of teachers, socio-economic circumstances, class sizes, the right (and the wrong) sort of technology. …
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Peter Hughes

Proud to hug trees

By Peter Hughes | 13th Feb 2015
As the world’s largest education company, why might nature interest us? How does being dedicated to the lives of learners mesh with the welfare of woodland? What’s the connection between supporting students' progress, and sustaining …
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Dominic Collard

Why do people learn English?

By Dominic Collard | 12th Feb 2015
    There are millions of people learning English all over the world. But why? Here's what we found out.  
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Natalia Jaszczuk

Alex and Edward – a tale of two educations

By Natalia Jaszczuk | 9th Feb 2015
Last week, with a couple of hours to kill before a flight home from Miami, I went on a stroll on the beach, when an apparently homeless man crossed my way. As he started rummaging …
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